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Project Project Project

So, I’ve been super sick and missed last class….but I got notes from my super awesome friend Jess about the project ideas that the class came up with. Initially I wanted to do flickr for a project…because I love taking pictures and observing other people’s pictures. But, I had a hard time coming up with a more original idea that seemed different. Then Jess told me about Alice software that helps to create 3D representations…of almost anything! I played around with it and feel in love. Of course I loved the name (I too share a love for Alice in Wonderland)…but the easy to use software has potential to not only show all the possibilities that the program provides, but also to help create a completely unique project. Problem solved!

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Eric Miller Speaks

On Thursday I went to see Eric Miller speak about the internet. There was a huge assortment of people that combined in the room providing a good turn out for Miller’s presentation about the internet. I learned a lot of random information that I wasn’t exspecting during his speech. Particularity about the creation and problems related with mashups. I admit, I know some information about the internet (mostly introductory information about making html websites that I learned in high school) but hardly enough to say that I really know what I’m talking about. But I really appreciated learning about the web itself from an expert that helped to create it.

So today in my business class (ironically located in the same room as the Miller presentation took place) we were talking about the use of technology in businesses to help the function. Its humorous to watch my much older business professor describe his experiences with the internet. He talks about obsolete computer systems with holes in cards to remember information before he gets to his real point. We talked about how companies use technology such as the internet to communicate between co-workers. My professor unfortunately spent the class arguing how he would much rather receive hand written letter over an e-mail. Many of my classmates failed to challenge him on his statements. According to my professor, the internet has hindered people because of its improper use and poor grammar.

Yes, I know I make many grammar mistakes in my writing and my words may not always be “proper”, but I do believe that what I have to say has importance and its petty for my professor to get so caught up in the details rather than the significance and positive impact e-mails have on companies.

This whole discussion in class reminded me of many things Miller discussed about how businesses rely on the internet. Miller had a lot of valid points about how imporant it is for companies to use the internet to help the public and themselves learn more about their company. I agreed especially with how important it is for companies to use the internet to advertise for their company. Its true that in this day in age, an easier to use website that relates to the product can only help a company.

Well, I think that this is enough rambling for one night….

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The Beginning

So this is my first blog post. I’m not completely certain what to write since this is my first blog for school. But I’m not completely new to this either…the whole writing thing. I’ve always kept journals. I use them mostly for a place with no rules; a place for my ranting rambles, sketches, poetry and things that just don’t make any sense. I will try to avoid this messiness in this blog. But I can’t completely guarantee that I won’t ramble…that comes naturally to me in these types of things.

Well, the other night I happened to open my book The New Media Reader for class. I was doing the reading and found myself going on a tangent in my head about the internet. The book describes the “digital medium” as being many things, including the internet. I thought that it was funny to describe the internet itself as a medium. It made me think about art class when the professor asks you to describe the “medium” that you have used: acrylic paint, pen and ink, charcoal, blood & tears, mixed media, or anything else. But the internet? I feel like I would accused of plagiarism if I gave that answer. Certainly the use of computers has become a medium for art, but the internet? The book further convinced me how the internet is a form of expression….different from just going on it to check your e-mail. Everything these days ends up being related to the internet.

The introductory reading also reminded me of something we talked about the first day of class and in many other classes here at Mary Washington: how much people are dependent on the internet in todays society. It certainly isn’t always dependable and I find it funny how much it surrounds our life. Over break my house didn’t have internet for two days. When the internet first came down, My mom was running around pulling cords from our router in the basement (my mother is not very computer savvy) trying to fix the problem…so she could finish her work. Of course this did not help the temporary intenet problem, but made it worse when she started inverting unknown cords. The next day were awful, my parents were offline and clueless. My mom finally found a way to check her work e-mail over the phone by talking to a robot that didn’t know what she was saying when she screamed “skip” into the phone reciever. My dad found himself re-treating in his office away from home so that he can use the internet there. They discovered ways to get around not having internet two days….well, sorta. Finally, after talking to the Comcast Gods for two hours on the phone, it turns out that the IP address got messed up on our modem for our computers and that we were entitled for a new free modem since ours was so old. The Comcast people came to my house and replaced our old one. Problem solved. But it scary to think how much the world comes to an end when theres no internet. Have we all really become so internet dependent?

Well, maybe next time I’ll talk about class related things more…

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