I really like McCloud’s approach to explaining time and how to express things in comic form.  The set-up like a comic telling a story not only made it entertaining to read, but also helped to clearly describe what he was trying to say.  The picture reinforced his ideas with the humor of the commentary of the other people in the strip.  McCloud made a lot of really good points about things that often go unnoticed while someone is reading a comic.  For example, I never really thought about the impact that a border has on a particular frame in the strip.  Next time I find myself reading a comic, I feel like I will notice these details that I had never observed before.

After class on Tuesday I was thinking about our discussion about how “most teachers don’t expect high performance from students”.  Most of the people in class discussed how much the expectation effects the students’ outcome.  It got me thinking about the author’s choice to use the word “expect” to gage a student’s performance.  I feel like the expectations aren’t relevent to the result of a student.  For example, I feel like people often have expectations that are different than the result….much like when people tell you “don’t judge a book by its cover”.  You can judge and expect one thing that is different from the text inside.  I feel like whatever a teacher expects from a student is not relevant from the performance of that student.  I also agree with a lot of the students in class on how each individual has a different definition of “high performance” which makes it hard to set a standard for an entire class.  The high performance outcome comes after and regardless of a teachers’ expectations and are judged based on many other factors.  This includes the environment that is available for the students to learn in, what is available to the student, how the material is presented and the interest that individual has on learning the material that is presented.

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