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I’ve thought a lot about our class discussion on work and play.  And after reading Two Tramps in Mud Time I came up with another thought.  While the enjoyment that comes from play is its suspension from the reality of the world that surrounds you and the sense of accomplishing someonething, it can also be a task that can bounce in and out from being work or play.  If you play something long enough it can become work.  If you work for a short period of time it can feel like play.  The fine line between work and play is so fine that you can find yourself bouncing between something that is fun and something that is a required task.

So, today I saw the movie for Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who with my roommates little sister (the one that started this Webkins madness).  Now it might be the fact that I’ve always loved this book or that I just saw the movie for the first time…but I couldn’t help but think about it while doing the Viola reading.  His discussion on how things are precieved, particularally with peoples existence.  My favorite part about the Dr. Seuss book is how Horton realizes this whole new microscopic world, Whoville.  Most people just believe in their own world, like Horton and his other jungle friends.  But once he hears the tiny sound from Whoville on a speck, he realizes that what seems insagnificant to him is the entire world for someone else.  Somewhere in Viola’s discussion about life as parts and being able to edit it, I thought about Horton trying to help protect this tiny speck from harm.  In his own way, Horton is editting the lives of the citizens of Whoville and suddenly creating an “individual existence that is continuous”, much like Viola stated in his first sentence.  I feel like in both the movie I saw this afternoon and the reading I got a sense of thinking about our existence in relation to others.  Somehow I find it comforting to think about.

Another fun connection that I made while reading Violas article was with the concept in holism.  The article describes holism and how we think of computer technologies in terms of a whole, as suppose to the individual structures that make them up.  In terms of cultural anthropology (as I’ve learned in my Anthropology class) holism is based on the concept of observing the pieces of a culture and putting the pieces together to drive observations about the entire culture.  Hearing someone describe holism in relation to computers is quite strange after talking about entire cultures.  It sort of makes people and cultures seem like computer systems.  It strange how we use the same word to describe such a vast range of concepts.

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    Fantastic post. Love those connections!