A Vision of Today

In the last class we watched the film, “A Vision of Students Today”.  Unlike a lot of the students in class, I liked the film.  I felt that their method of showing the numbers and facts about students was very powerful.  It literally put a face to every since piece of information gathered about college students today.  While some of the things didn’t always make sense (like when the hours of the day added up to be 26.5 hours)…I felt like this made the video all the more powerful.

Since I am currently taking an introductory class in Anthropology, I really liked looking at the video from an Anthropological prospective.  What I mean by this, is that when I was watching the film I felt like I was an outsider observing a new culture.  While I am a college student, I suddenly brushed that fact a side and became an Anthropologist noting facts about this class.  While some of the pieces of information was person specific, I felt that in a way all college students can relate to the overall message being transmitted.  college doesn’t always make sense.

It might leave you in debt, stressed out, misusing technology and not knowing what you are going to do next…but at the same time, ironically, we are sitting in class, putting our money to use, ignoring our computers in front of us and watching a film about people like us.  Being a college student certainly helped the message impact me, but the film also allowed me to observe students from a different perspective.  A perspective of facts that you don’t know what to do it, but that is still different from what you used to know.

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13 Responses to “A Vision of Today”

  1. gardnercampbell Says:

    Fascinating response. I’d love to see more of your thoughts on the anthropology of college. There are actually a couple of books out about this–one a report on freshman year by a woman whose name escapes me, but whose story is fascinating. I’ve been meaning to read her book. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. sarah Says:

    hey i totally agree with you…even though some of the “sayings” on the papers or computers didnt make sense or is in the fault of the students, I felt that the video overall was impactful. The music helped a lot in my opinion and how the students were “in” class while this was being film. I dont know I liked the video it makes you as a student look at technology you use and your own approach to school.

  3. gallery Says:

    Yep. Absolutely agree with sarah.

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